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The Women's Giving Circle

Journey Delegates to Honor Local Women
August 26, 2012

Delegates who attended Journey, the summer camp for middle school girls founded by the Women's Giving Circle of Howard County, hosted a tea on Sunday, Aug. 26, from 3-4:30 pm, to honor four local women role models which included Joan Athen.

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Royce Named Cal Poly Business 'Legend'
August 18, 2012

Marie Therese Royce was recognized as the third annual Legend of International Business and Marketing at Cal Poly Pomona. Legends of International Business and Marketing, or IBM, annually identifies either an outstanding alumnus or professor emeritus who has made a significant contribution to the fields of international business and/or marketing over a sustained period of time.

The Baltimore Sun

GenderStrategy: Career Advancement Shouldn't Be A Catfight
April 4, 2012

After years navigating the office politics of both big business and government,
Trent Kittleman had seen her share of women sidelined for promotions in favor of their male counterparts. Read the entire article by clicking on this link: Click here.

In case you missed Jean Stafford's conversation with Trent Kittleman,
author of "Why Must There Be Dragons? Empowering Women to Master Their Careers Without Changing Men,"  I've got good news.
As far as career development goes, this discussion was pure gold. If you missed the call, please don't let this one pass you by. A recording of the entire interview is now available by clicking on this link: click here.

ABC 2 NewsGender In The Workplace

January 2010

Gender in the Workplace — how much does it really matter? Are men or women better communicators? Trent Kittleman provided some insight in this recent interview on ABC 2 News.

Maryland Entrepreneur Quarterly

Focused Gender Strategy Adds Dollars To The Bottom Line
By Trent Kittleman
March 2009

Do men and women really tend to communicate in different ways in the workplace? Learn the bottom line value of implementing a focused gender strategy.

Maryland Entrepreneur Quarterly

Up Close and Personal - WGBB 1240 AM
With Bonnie D. Graham
November 2008

Listen to Trent Kittleman's interivew with Up Close and Personal host, Bonnie D. Graham, as they discuss Trent's book, Why Must There Be Dragons? — Empowering Women to Master their Careers without Changing Men. Click here to read more about the book.

Maryland Entrepreneur Quarterly

Who Says, 'We've Come a Long Way, Baby'?    
By Joan Athen
August 2008

For an organization to truly experience change that translates to any significant bottom line improvement, the culture has to change first; then the people can change through encouragement and training.

BWCC Member Publishes Book on Empowering Women    
June 2008   VOLUME 1 ISSUE 7

BWCC member GenderStrategy has published a book entitled “Why Must There Be Dragons? Empowering Women to Master Their Careers Without Changing Men”.  Written by Trent Kittleman with contributing editors Joan Athen and Marie Royce, the book is written as a fable set in the 31st century, where dogs and cats run the world.  The canines and felines are metaphors for men and women and exhibit traits that are eerily similar to those of their human counterparts.

Perfect Networker Radio
May 23, 2008, 12:00 PM

Join us as we talk with featured guest Trent Kittleman of Gender Strategy, a company devoted to workplace diversity training and services. Ms. Kittleman will share with us information on gender differences in how we use words, tone of voice, patterns of speech, body language and conversation ‘rituals’ lead to misunderstandings and miscommunication. Click here to listen!

Campuses should offer gender diversity solution
By Trent Kittleman and Joan Athen
May 23, 2008

GenderStrategy is a sought-after resource for gender communication training in the workplace and has a published article in the Baltimore Business Journal about how higher education institutions can assist.

Bridging the Gender Gap Reduces Discrimination Lawsuits
By Trent Kittleman and Joan Athen
January, 2008

Every employer is aware that it is “unlawful to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of his/her sex in regard to hiring, termination, promotion, compensation, job training, or any other term, condition or privilege of employment.”

Boosting Ranks of Women in Upper Management Drives Profitability
By Trent Kittleman
January, 2008

Reduced turnover. Increased productivity. Improved profitability. Isn't that every CEO's wish list?

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